When you only use mechanical pencils and they require a number 2 for a test


Would be nice if I could finally go to the doctor some time soon.

It’s really awesome when a delivery service can’t do its job and deliver a product you purchased to you and you have to go pick it up yourself.

me: "no honestly I'm the most chill person you'll ever meet"
me: *throws shade 24/7*
me: *blatantly hates everyone and everything*
me: *is overdramatic*
me: *is a major asshole*
me: *complains about everything*


Because a piece of gum told me to


Seeing your friend’s art on your dash like


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Name: Allison

Nickname: Alli, Syvelli

Birthday: January 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5 ft…….Just 5 ft.

Time zone: Central Time (Texas)

Current date and time: 10/15/2014 8:42pm

Average hours of sleep I get: Either 4 or 10+ hours, there is no in-between

My current OTPs: my own characters, usually…

The last thing I googled: crown brush makeup

First word that comes to mind: why

What I last said to a family member: ”see you at 10”

One place that makes me happy: in the comfort of my home

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Favorite beverage: iced tea

Last movie I watched in cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy

3 things I can’t live without: Computer, phone, and art supplies

Something I plan on learning: Web design and coding (hopefully)

What I want to say to my followers: I know I’m really disappointing and I’m not sure why you followed me, but I’m happy you did and I love you bunchesss

You have to listen to this song: ……………uh

My blogs: only this one